ESKOM received more money

Last week ESKOM received more funding for the SWH program. Another R 545 Million for the SWH program this finacial year available. That will help to reach the target.

They also announced upvcoming changes in October regarding the rebate which will be published soon.

Also they is movement regarding Net metering  - here is a answer regarding this for the City of Cape Town:

“The current status of the development of these standards etc. permits the City at this stage to only

consider applications from non- residential generators of size not smaller than 100kW who wish to

run their generation in parallel with the City’s Distribution network on condition that reverse power

flow onto the distribution network is not possible. (The City is not able to compensate generators

for any net electrical power fed onto the distribution electrical grid, and is also not yet in a position

to allow “net metered” connections where excess generation is offset against consumption of 

electricity on a unit for unit basis). The local electricity grid’s ability to absorb the generated power 

would be one of the factors determining whether the connection of the generator to the grid would 

be allowed. Aspirant generators complying with the above must apply in writing to the City of Cape 

Town Electricity Department for permission to connect their embedded generators in parallel with 

the grid. The Electricity Department will provide its technical requirements (some of which are still 

in the process of being finalised).  Proof of compliance with National Electricity Regulation Act 

[Act 4 of 2006] requirements regarding generator licensing will be required before applications to

connect in parallel with the City’s electrical grid will be processed. Applications for parallel connection

of residential and non-residential small scale embedded generation (SSEG) smaller than 100kW will

only be considered once national standards are finalised, once NERSA has provided SSEG policy

in terms of Electricity Regulation Act [Act 4 of 2006], once a SSEG prepayment meter is

commercially available and once City of Cape Town SSEG policies have been finalised.”