The long road to generate wind energy

What you have to do if you want to install a windmill:

1. Do a prefeasibility study:
        - do a one-year wind measurement study in selected area
        - establish availibilty of ESKOM grid connection
        - secure land through a long-term lease with a farmer
        - get lease approved by the Department of Agriculture

2. Do an environmental impact assessment with specialist studies on:
        - biodiversity
        - impact on birds and bats
        - noise pollution
        - heritage concerns
        - visual impact
        - tourism impact
        - agricultural land value
        - impact on SAAF radar
        - consult the public and address concerns

3. Air traffic:
        - conduct air traffic study

4. Rezone land:
        - apply to the local municipality to rezone land
        - consult the public about rezoning

5. Purchase Agreement:
        - enter into power purchase agreement with government

6. Licence:
        - obtain licence to generate electricity