ESKOM electricity price increase

The next electicity price increase will happen on the 1st of July. Here are tips to save energy:

Turn down your geyser to 55 degree. This will save you 5% on your electricity bill
Rather take a shower. You will save up to 40% in water and use 5 times less electricity then heating bath water
Press & Pull
Switch off appliances at the wall and pull out chargers. Leaving them in standby mode could cost you up to 6% more electricity
Install an energy efficient showerhead. It's designed to use up to 40% less hot water and saves you R 480 or more on your electricity bill per year
Replace regular bulbs with LED bulbs ones that uses 12 times less electricity
Insulate your geyser with a geyser blanket. This prevents heat loss, reducing the cost of electricity
needed to keep water hot by R 500 or more a year
Insulate your ceiling. It affects heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, saving you up to 16%
of electricity you need annually to heat or cool your home
Insulate your hot water pipes. It prevent heat loss, reducing cost of electricity needed to keep
water hot.
Invest in a solar water heater. It uses the sun to heat up your water, saving you 25% or more
on your electricity bill.
Use a hot plate thats most similar to the size of your pot. An electric stove loses up to 40% of
its heat when the pot is too small, which means you waste electricity.
Run your pool pump - 4 hours in winter and 6 hours in summer - it will reduce your electricity bill
by 5% or more.