Heat pump vs Solar

We would like to explain our view regarding installation of heat pump vs solar.

Our point of view - The difference between the heat pump and the solar system are the investment cost , the electricity consumption per year (running cost) and the life spam of each system. The savings are nearly the same!

Starting point
A average 4-Person household, with one bath a week per person and a shower everyday per person has a electricity consumption for the hot water usage of approx. 5,974 kWh per year. 

Option 1 - Solar and Heat pump with a new 200 litre geyser
A solar water heating system - after ESKOM rebate cost  approx. R 17,000 and a heat pump 3 kW after ESKOM rebate cost approx. R 21,000 - installed including VAT.

Option 2 - Solar and Heat pump on a existing 200 litre geyser
A solar water heating conversion - after ESKOM rebate cost approx. R10,000 and a heat pump 3 kW after ESKOM rebate cost approx. R 11,000 - installed including VAT.

The electricity consumption for a solar system incl. Electrical backup element 2 kW (max. 4 hours a day - 4 month a year 100%, 8 month sun only) is per year approx. 1,086 kWh. For the heat pump 3kW with 4 running hours (12 month) a day it is per year approx. 1,168 kWh.

If you take the 5,974 kWh minus your running cost into each account und you will have the saving of each system. The solar system will save 4,888 kWh and the heat pump 4,806 kWh. The approx. 80 kWh will make in the future a difference with the increasing prices of the electricity.

The life spam of the solar collectors is minium 25 years (warranty most of the time 5 or 10 years). The life spam heat pump is normally 5 to 7 years (warranty 1 to 2 years, parts could have 3 to 5 years max.) Means with the savings you have to pay for a new heat pump which is then not really a saving!

The best solution (but also the highest invesment) is to combine both technologies - your savings per year would be 5,506 kWh.

We are open for any discussion about our sample and if you want to contact us - please, use the following E-mail address: info@solarzone.co.za