With Viega Fonterra, the new surface heating and cooling system you will get a system which is extremly safe and high quality.

With the flexible PB tubing 12 x 1.3 and 15 x 1.5mm, we could offer a system with advantages for the installation and the flow rates.

The system's diversity is evident in its panulling - from snap panel for several varying tubing dimensiona to the tacker panel, practical for individual rooms shapes, to the special application- specific support materials.

The benefits of large-surface temperature regulation cannot be disputed. In wintertime, floor heating porvides heating comfort. In the summertime the system can be used to cool rooms.

The overall low system temperature is energy and cost saving. In combination with renewable energy, floor heating is one of the most resource-friendly heating systems. Surface heating hygienically offers cleaner air to breathe as air vortexes are minimal.

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