The StreetSun

Solar Street Lights

The StreetSun has many years of experience. Even for remote areas or paths, which have to be developed with high costs to start with, the otherwise required preparatory work such as (intensive trench work, laying armoured cables with earth wire, road crossings etc.) can be omitted.

With StreetSun, the light spot can be installed without limitations independently and economically and offers safety and very good visibility with high lighting power.

No power costs, long service life, low maintenance and pollution free energy usage satisfy and strengthen the image.

The high degrees of freedom permit use for the sidewalk and road lighting. Lighting of garden units, golf courses, parks, spa promenades, larger housing complexes, company reception areas, exhibitions, parking lots, schoolyards, docks.

The high-power solar generator permits also tiding over days with weak light (i.e. high reserves guaranty the night-time lighting!).

  • Height 4m
  • Weatherproof, long life
  • Newest LED, insect neutral light
  • LED Life: > 50,000 hours
  • Illuminated period: all night
  • Battery charging even at daylight