The problem is familiar. An outdoor swimming pool that is not heated is only really comfortably warm in Spring, Autumn or Winter when it is heated. You could heat a pool via heat pump or Pool Absorbers. But the best is when both technologies work together.

The water from the pool can flow through the Pool Absorbers direct. The design of the system is recommended as followed - surface area of the pool divided by two. If it is a outdoor pool without cover multiplied with 1.3, with cover multiplied with 1.1 - indoor pools only divided by two. Than you got the pool absorber surface area which you have to install to heat up the pool by 4 to max. 7 degrees.

With our pool absorbers with approx. 1 square metre each you are flexible for each installation application. The absorbers are frost resistant, weight 6 kg and can handle maximum 1.2 bar working pressure. They are temperature resistant from minus 50 degree until plus 115 degree and UV resistant.

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