Solar Lift

GEDA Solarlift, which offers good value for money, has been designed for the easy, fast and above all, the safe transport of photovoltaic and solar elements.

This can be realized because of its specially designed pallet functioning as load receptable.

In addition to get the GEDA Lift 200 Standard and the GEDA Lift 250 Comfort, both with one lifting speed, we can also offer you the Fixlift 250 with two lifting speeds.

The load bearing capacity depends on the kind of ladder segments being used, their inclination, as well as their total length. You can choose between two different kinds of ladder sections:

  • Ladder segements with a useful load of 150kg / 200kg
  • reinforced ladder segments with a useful load of 200kg / 250kg

The Geda Solarlift is very space saving. This means it can be installed to places that are not easily accessible.

Further advantages of the GEDA Solarlift:

  • quick and easy assembly
  • space saving storage
  • easy transport, because it can be dismantled into the different components