The Adsorption Chiller LTC09 is a ideal solution when it comes to efficient cooling based on thermal drive within a range of low temperatures.

Depending on the application for which it is used, the unit will reach its full capacity at temperatures as low as approx. 65 degrees, which represents a temperature level at which other thermal chillers will run at limited capacity or cannot even operate at all.

It is, therfore, particularly well suited for use in combination with combined heat and power stations, district heat grids and thermal solar plants installed in moderate climate zones. The LTC09 can be used in outside temperatures of up to approx. 35 degrees. We recommend using the HTC model if operation at higher temperatures is required.

The chillers runs with water and not refrigerant in a closed circuit. With low maintenance and extremly quite, remote control with online access the LTC/ HTC are ideal for all areas.

The chiller could also run as a heat pump - means it could be used as heating and cooling source.

Solar Cooling Output range cooling:
COP maximum:
Max. overpressure:
Electrical Connection:
Approx. Power Consumption:
3-11 kW
400 kPa
230V / 50Hz
370 kg